Freemuslim Association Inc., Center for De-Radicalization and Extremism Prevention condemns the arrest of prominent Human Rights activists in Turkey.

The organization has confirmed that the Turkish security services have arrested human rights activists and representatives of international human rights organizations in an unprecedented and escalation in this regard. This is a blow to the personal and public freedoms of the Turkish people and a suspicious attempt to silence activists and intimidate voices opposed to human rights violations.

The organization considers this serious violation to be a flagrant challenge to the international laws agreed upon, and an unacceptable phenomenon that requires the return of the Turkish authorities, stressing the need for the immediate release of the human rights detainees, declaring their full solidarity with the Turkish people suffering from government tyranny and intimidation.

The organization calls on all international bodies and human rights organizations to condemn this blatant violation, asking all relevant parties to pressure the Turkish government to review its human rights policies after a wave of violations committed during the past years.