Freemuslim’s Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention asks the United Nation’s Security Council to intervene in Pakistan & India Conflict. For the past decade, proxy wars have devastated innocent women, men, and children in multiple regions globally. The recent escalation of Pakistan-India is even more alarming due to the nuclear arsenal that both countries have.

                Lives of innocent people are at stake, and the international community has neglected its responsibility to prevent proxy wars from taking hundreds of thousands of lives. Now it’s Pakistan and India, two countries where historically there has been a camel grudge for years.

After separation of Pakistan from India in 1947 both countries have acted as silent rivals, and in occasions, the rivalry has been towards advancement in technology and economic means, but when it comes to lives of people; both have neglected basic human rights towards their own citizens.

Freemuslim asks the United Nation’s Security Council to intervene and prevent more bloodshed from happening. Wars have undesirable consequences and it is people who pay the ultimate price. Loss of a loved one is unrepairable. Freemuslim suggests avenues of dialogue and conflict resolution regardless of how intense the circumstance may seem to be.