The Un-Islamic State represents an ideology that only becomes more dangerous towards the international community as it grows. 99% of Muslims do not attest to it being ‘Islamic’ nor agree with the the ill minded group portrays as an ‘Islamic Caliphate.’

In an event hosted by the Hudson Institute titled ‘Victory over the Islamic State and U.S withdrawal from Syria,’ Freemuslim’s director for Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism prevention engaged the panelists on importance of understanding the core of problem in fighting extremism which is Wahabi and Salafi Extremism in case of ISIS and then we lay out strategies to fight and eradicate it.

In a well balanced panelist presentation of what does Syria after ISIS  defeat look like and requirements for rebuilding Syria, Panelists pointed out their expert research . Mr. Michael Doran: Senior fellow at Hudson accompanied by Ms. Jomana Qaddour: Syrian analyst; Mr. Bassam Ishak:U.S representative for Syrian Democratic Council; and Mr. Jonas Parello-Plenser constructed a 50% Syrian panel where multidimensional aspects of Syrian turmoil was analyzed.

Mr. Akhwand believes Syria is made up of ethnic, religious and political affiliations and until there is a fair and equal representation at the dialogue table, there would be no peace and long-term prosperity in the country and or region. A fair and equal representation is a must.