Freemuslim’s Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention is deeply concerned about the political unrest in the State of Libya and the resulting escalation, demanding that all warring parties comply with international laws to spare civilians the damage of wars.

At the same time, the organization expresses deep sorrow for the outbreak of armed conflict in Libya, a country that continues to suffer from the consequences of the overthrow of the former dictatorial regime and its repressive policies, and the ensuing security, political, economic and social conflicts.

The organization believes that the leaders of the warring parties in Libya must take into account the interests of the country and the afflicted people by resorting to dialogue and understanding in order to reach an acceptable level of justice, equality, security and public and personal liberties.

It also stresses the need not to be dragged behind those who seek to spread discrimination and strife among the members of Libyan society and those who incite to adhere to extremist slogans, stressing the importance of imposing the law guaranteeing the dignity and safety of the Libyans and their properties, warning in the same context of riding the Tkfiri groups wave of military conflict.

The organization also calls on all regional and international governments to work to stop the fighting in Libya and to unveil the truth about instigators of violence and act cooperatively to stop the rising acts of violence.