Spring is the season associated with the rebirth of the Earth.  On behalf of our team at the Inclusion Forum, would like to take this opportunity and congratulate people around the world. Symbolic nature of spring may be seen as a sign for “renewal of hope” and taken as an opportunity to reinstate our obligation towards human rights.

We live in an era where many countries throughout the world are undergoing humanitarian turmoil, and it is essential to seek an opportunity to make positive and productive changes.

 People have lived side by side, shoulder by shoulder in the Middle East with no problem, have inter-married between followers of different faiths, and attended same public schools in their neighborhoods, and shopped at the same grocery stores. Diversity is not a new topic to the Middle East, but Extremism is.

Radicalization and extremism that stems from hateful ideologies are not religious, nor cultural. They are affiliated with a set of ill mindset and set of ideas which advocate for “I” more than “We.”

Our inclusion Forum team which consists a diverse group of human rights advocates who work around the clock to promote positive ideas and methods to become more inclusive and overcome any idea that separates great people of the world.