International Day of Living Together in Peace


The Palestinian issue is in the priority of the International Day of Living in Peace at a time when the international community has the annual anniversary of living in peace, which was approved by the United Nations on the 16th of May of each year, as an expression of the need to establish peace and human norms calling for security and stability among peoples, the Palestinian issue appears to us as an urgent tragedy that calls for intensification of efforts. To provide a Just circumstance that guarantees peace in accordance with the decisions of international legitimacy.

As the military fronts between the two sides of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict are raging at these moments, and coinciding with the advent of this occasion, peoples and societies in various parts of the world are looking to reduce the ongoing disasters that will devastate hundreds of civilians on both sides of the conflict. The International Nonviolence Organization (Free Muslim), expressing its dissatisfaction with the resulting armed clashes and the corresponding violations of crimes that rise to the ranks of war crimes, stresses the need for the UN Security Council to take sufficient measures to stop the war and press for a lasting peace in Palestine that guarantees rights It ends an era of suffering for the Palestinian people, hoping that the state of indifference and indifference to what has been going on for decades will not continue. This is in addition to the tragic situation on the security and economic turmoils faced by other countries in the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere.