Escalation of  Violence is Darfur

Freemuslim Center for De-radicalization & Extremism Prevention ( CDREP ) condemns the ongoing violence in Sudan’s Darfur region. Initially the conflict started in 2003 by a minority rebel group who thought there is Arab-dominated government of former president Omar Al-Bashir discriminates against their tribe, and this conflict has continued between tribes for about 20 years, with no solution in sight. Freemuslim condemns use of violence by any individual or group regardless of the reason, and hopes dialogue can take place of violence. Through dialogue; casualties are reduced to zero and the gain outweighs the loss. There has to be way for all sides of the conflict to come to terms with each other and for sake of Sudan’s bright and peaceful future put weapons down.

Fighting in Sudan’s town of Kreinik 80 kilometers east of the provincial capital of Genena took lives of over 203 people and if there is no solution, the violence will continue without any gain and total loss for both sides. There is a value to human being’s life and that has been forgotten. We ask the Sudanese authorities to interfere and halt all violence and facilitation of a platform for people to voice their concerns and a plan to address those concerns. people can become a positive element of change if their concerns are heard and addressed.