Minority Graves Vandalized in Sweden

Freemuslim’s Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention (CDREP) condemns vitalization of graves in Malmo city of Sweden. Over 20 graves were vandalized and many tombstones were also scrawled with red paint by unidentified people at Ostra Cemetery, reported Swedish public broadcaster SVT, citing police spokesperson Nils Norling. We ask cemetery authorities to address the issue properly plus restoring and reinstall the vandalized tombstones.

Muslims alike any other faith-affiliated group deserve to have a secure place to worship, live, attend their daily affairs and lay their deceased loved ones without worry of emotional turmoil or vitalization. We also ask the Swedish authorities to get to the bottom of this issue and address concerns of minorities living in Sweden equal to any other Swedish citizen.

Differences in Faith does not and should not equate reduction in law and justice, nor should it give any person the right to initiate such actions. Hence, we ask highest form of legal sentence for the violators. Sweden has been moved to our list of Country of Concern for Muslims to live, and it is unfortunate to witness such a modern and democratic country being labeled unsafe for Muslim and other minorities to live, conduct business, grow their families, practice their faith and or raise their children. We ask Swedish authorities to address the Anti-Muslim radical and extremist groups.

We urge Swedish Muslims and other minorities to utilize local law enforcement to seek justice and remain peaceful in their pursuit. Some extremist groups and radicals incite violence to push minorities towards a violent reaction and use that reaction as another excuse to move their agenda forward. Minority Graves Vandalized in Sweden