We believe: Freedom of the press is one of the pillars of good governance and social development.
On May 3, World Press Freedom Day, the international community commemorates the occasion of the Windhoek Declaration on the Affairs of the Press and its Operators, including the supposed protection of them and safety and freedoms. They perform a meaningful humanitarian mission in various societies.
Despite the adoption by the United Nations of this Declaration, journalists continue to suffer from many arbitrary practices that violate these decisions and irresponsibly impede their activities, particularly in terms of monitoring and accessing information and freedom of movement in some countries and often violate safety Of some journalists after many of them were killed, injured, arrested and physically and morally assaulted by direct and indirect threats.
For an example, many local and international journalists have been killed and detained in Middle Eastern countries, particularly countries with political problems and military operations, as well as countries under the grip of authoritarian regimes in the Arabian Gulf area.
As media personnel are targeted directly in the Middle East, sometimes by terrorist groups and sometimes through the security services in those countries, this has increased been significantly during the last period, resulting in a significant decline in the freedom of the press and the safety of its workers.
Therefore Freemuslim Association Inc., calls on the United Nations to take into account the suffering of that group and to enact more effective and binding laws that protect the freedom of the press and its employees and their legitimate rights, as well as the release of journalists detained on political charges.