Amidst the serious tensions in many countries of the international community, the anniversary of living together peacefully was marked by the united nation on 16 May, which was chosen as the basis for a culture of peaceful coexistence among peoples of different ethnic and religious persuasions and cultures.
The whole humanity is aware that political, economic and intellectual conflicts caused in many parts of the world undesirable consequences, as well as a source of concern for the human destiny on earth, and have threatened the lives of millions of innocent people. Therefore a lot of people are facing misery and other critical situations.
On this occasion, Freemuslim Association Inc., Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention calls all governments and leaders around the world to take into account the United Nations decisions regarding peace and to meet with them. This anniversary represents a virtuous principle aimed to provide a more stable humanitarian atmosphere, and make coexistence and renunciation of violence a starting point for them, as well as spreading culture of dialogue and acceptance of the other, and working on resolving problems between countries and societies with civilized ways on the basis of no winner or loser.
The organization also takes this opportunity to renew its call to stop the wars and tensions in the Middle East, especially by stopping the war on Yemen, intervening to stop the war in Syria and Libya, and finding balanced solutions to the Palestinian issue impartially without prejudice to one party at the expense of another.
The organization also calls governments in the region to release political prisoners and stop the hand of repression and abuse of people seeking reform through the establishment of democratic bases that entrench civil security