On February 13, the international community celebrates World Radio Day, the leading media platform in the industry of thought, culture, arts and teachings of all kinds, especially as it has been and continues to be an outlet for the promotion of ideas, news and information, followed by hundreds of millions around the world.
We take this opportunity to invite all the ruling political regimes and humanitarian organizations in different parts of the world to give this vital facility and all its media counterparts the right attention and care, to ensure prosperity and spread and to ensure all media freedoms. It has the laws of the international community to maintain them.
The media aimed at the advancement of human peoples in all their cultural and intellectual aspects plays an essential role in both established and emerging democracies, and a tool of freedom and rights, especially in terms of freedom of expression and expression of political and social opinions. It also serves as a platform to showcase underdevelopment, dictatorship, and injustice in many places.
Theologian Sayyid Sadiq al-Shirazi places a great emphasis on the importance of all forms of broadcasting in order to convey reliable information in our modern era not only to convey information in the modern era.

We ask the international community, especially those active in Humanitarian fields to showcase the truth about heart breaking turmoil in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe and the rest of the world.