Director of Freemuslim Association’s Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention attended an interactive event hosted by the Brookings Institution regarding the United States’ Defense Policy.
Congressman Seth Moulton emphasized on importance of being in forefront of technology advancements in order to keep up with emerging world powers. Congressman Moulton also elaborated that Sunni Extremism has gained more control and influence in the regions it neighbored and continues to negatively impact the peace and stability of the region.
Mr. Michael O’Hanlon, Senior Fellow and Director of Research in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution engaged Congressman Moulton in a dialogue regarding ways to increase effectiveness in combating rising radicalization and extremism, and also elaborated about how to maintain a stronghold technology wise, keeping in mind the era of Artificial Intelligence ( A.I )
Director of Freemusilm Association M. Akhwand believes there needs to be a worldwide alliance to counter radicalization, regardless of what flag it affiliates with or what religion is used as a stepping stone and tool to carry out acts of terror. Fight against extremism will continue to be a priority for the organization Freemuslim Association and there is already a multi-lingual and multi-cultural mechanism put into place to eradicate the ill mentality from our societies. Mr. Akhwand also emphasized that the United States needs to stop being a ladder for our ally countries to utilize to pressure their citizens, especially when we advocate for a society free from hate, discrimination, and violence.