International Women’s Day


Freemuslim’s Women Rights Defenders congratulates March 8th, International Women’s Day to all women in the world and asks woman right groups to amplify their efforts to reduce discrimination against women and girls and initiate steps to increase the legal consequence for those who violate women rights.  Unfortunately more than %75 of the world’s 80 million refugees and internally displaced persons are women and children. Women face same difficulties as men do but there are not equal efforts to defend rights of women as there are to protect men.

Mental and physical abuse that millions of women face in marriage, work or in society takes a toll on women and there are not enough laws to protect women, and if there are, the consequences for the woman right violator is not severe enough to prevent others from committing the same act of violence. We ask all human right defenders to work together to increase the efforts to facilitate platforms for women to seek their rights and also maximize the consequence for violators to think twice before committing acts of violence.