Brexit, Geopolitical, economic, and political changes in Europe have led to a vacuum and need for new leadership, and necessity for rethinking our strategy in Europe as a whole. China, the United States and Russia are in forefront of this battle, parallel with European countries whom seek a seat at the world power table.

In an event hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Mr. Sven Biscop, Benjamin Haddad, Jim Townsend, and Erik Brattberg elaborated on key points European countries should keep in mind in their efforts and path towards a stronger Europe and more strategically smart European Union.

Mr. Akhwand, Director of Freemuslim Association’s Inclusion Forum attended the meeting, during post-conference conversation with the panelists emphasized on importance of having a localized effort to be more inclusive in  Europe especially in countries were marginalization seems to be growing. Inclusion of minorities in the current system leads to increase of participation of these minorities in building future of Europe and also is very effective in reducing violence and extremism in Europe.