Human Solidarity Day is an internationally agreed-upon day to promote cooperation and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the struggle people face every day. Putting ourselves on other people’s shoes for brief moments leads to appreciating what we have, and perhaps steps towards providing the same privilege for someone else, someone who has lost is or has never experienced it.

This year’s Solidarity Day is the last of our decade as we approach the year 2020. We urge the honorable country leaders to take a look back at the last decade and reflect upon it. What we, the international community collectively, have left behind are the 70.8 million people forcibly displaced due to conflict in their hometowns, hundreds of thousands killed and generations at risk.

In Africa, Asia, China, and the Middle East there are cases like Uyghurs who are forced into concentration camps, young girls and women who are kidnapped periodically by extremist groups in Africa, turmoil in Kashmir and many more conflicts that require dire attention.

Since Solidarity takes collective efforts, we also encourage people to advocate for peace and take steps in their capacities to elevate people around them who would do the same for them if the circumstances were reversed. We as the country statesmen and women to take extensive measures in the upcoming year to ensure the human race does not suffer from mistakes of the past and takes steps towards a peaceful world.