1700 Rohingya Sent to Isolated Island

Freemuslim asks the Bangladesh authorities to address the challenges facing the travel, livelihood and security of Rohingya Muslims in Bhashan Char island. Bangladesh decides to send more than 1700 Rohingya who had fled Myanmar to come to Bangladesh to an island that was formed by Himalayan silt in 2006. The Government of Bangladesh first suggested resettling Rohingya refugees on the island in June 2015. The proposal was characterized by the United Nations Refugee Agency as “logistically challenging.”

Island of Bhashan Char is 21 miles ( 34 kilometers ) from the mainland and since it was not previously inhabited, it does not have a city’s safety, security, airport or emergency helicopter landing zone, other health related and  city-like structures. In case of flood by monsoons, there are no plans for evacuation, and there are minimal storm barricades  to help save lives of people. Bangladesh navy has put into place flood protections embankments, houses, hospitals and mosques and we thank the Bangladesh government for that, but also ask  for a long term solution for the Rohingya refugee problem.
Freemuslim Inclusion Forum suggests finding ways to integrate the Rohingya into the Bangladesh society as it is a way to created stronger alliance and maximize patriotism.