Terrorist Attacks in Ethiopia

Freemuslim, Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention  expresses its strong condemnation of the terrorist acts that affected innocent civilians in Ethiopia, calling on the authorities to shoulder their legal responsibilities in protecting citizens.

More than a hundred civilians were killed in an attack by extremist groups on residents of the village of Penishangul-Gumuz, one day after the visit of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, where the victims were shot and stabbed by members of the attacking groups.

While human rights testimonies stated that more than thirty other civilians were taken to hospitals, most of their health conditions are still at a critical stage. The region that witnessed the attacks is considered to be of ethnic diversity, which threatens the outbreak of bloody reprisals threatening the security and stability of the population.The organization believes that all authorities must act urgently to contain the crisis and punish the perpetrators before serious and unforeseen events occur.